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Elaine Aneira Nogh
Artist | Digital Art
I started to take an interest in photomanipulation because I love seeing how something impossible can come alive. I've been in love with fantasy since I was young, reading books, then writing my own stories when my mind started becoming a universe of impossibilities - so photomanipulation naturally became a great source of freedom and fun. Recently, getting a tablet has allowed me to start exploring on digital painting too. The feeling of accomplishment just by creating something is amazing.

Create art for yourself. Be yourself. Be honest about your artwork. Be kind to others. Respect others. Treat them like you want to be treated. Most of all, appreciate art.

"I don't care how old you are; do something beautiful." — George Sanders

Points Comms: CLOSED (Click here for more info.)
Art Trades: CLOSED
Collabs: CLOSED
I don't take requests.

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Geometric art. It's not something really used for digital art. At least, for me, it's not. I don't often see it around deviantART, but seeing those few inspired me to try out my own. Following this awesome youtube video tutorial,

this is my result:

As Wise by Shirokibo

Now, it's your turn.

Try incorporating geometry into your artwork.


[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunYour entry must be a photomanipulation. A photomanipulation consists of at least two stock photos put together. Please do your own research if you'd like to know more. There are plenty of examples around deviantART (there's already one above).
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunYou must credit all the stocks used with their direct links, and they must be legitimate. Please take a look at these helpful journals:
Not legitimate stock tips /how to reportMany people ask me what this term means ¨not legitimate stock¨

and always ask me how I know? how to identify?. so I decide to post a journal with many tip,

first...the things written here in this journal, I did a long search. and I'm doing this to help and inform people about this subject.
and first I'll tell because I started getting interested in this subject. three things happened that made me pay attention in this detail.
1 - a long time ago, I used the stock from pixabay in some premades. and unfortunately I did not know that this site is not reliable, so I was denounced and I had all my contents posted in stock removed.
2 - I used a premade, but the person who did this premade used a stock that was not allowed to be used, and this premade was denounced and people who used also have been denounced and had my manipulation was moved to scrap for infringed copyright.
3 - I used a PNG, and after
Stock in a nutshell Hi there, good to meet you! 
You're probably here because you're beginning to work on a photo-manipulation and want to use some stock images. You may have heard terms like legitimate stock thrown around, but not explained; maybe someone declined accepting your work into their group because of lack of proper credits.
We, as in the team of CRPhotomanipulation, decided to compile a bunch of suggestions and advice that will help you navigate the murky waters of all the most common problems you might encounter in your budding career as a photo manipulation artist.
If you're new or just confused, you're in a good place.

Longer chapters will also have a tl;dr section at the bottom for those who don't like to read a lot. Though, you know, reading it in full could be fun. :happy birthday:
If you're looking for information on a specific subject outlined below, here's a list of what I'm going
Let's talk about Pixabay. My experienceFor anyone who hasn't found about Pixabay it's a free stock photography database that's been garnering attention lately. I wasn't aware of its existence as for my art I either create it all from scratch myself or use paid stock from Fotolia or Shutterstock to avoid restrictions. I was introduced to Pixabay by a friend who praised it for the quality, variety and ease of access, actually called it 'best stock website' since the late I loved and used sxc stocks frequently in my art in the early days, so Pixabay seemed like a blessing when I heard of it.
So I looked around, was impressed with the quality of some of their stocks and signed up. Once you download a few images you will be met with a message that says ads will be removed once you contributed 10 photos to the database. I had just turned a majority of my stock here to Unrestricted so I uploaded a few of the files in my gallery here, there. It was pretty successful, good acceptance ratio, even received an accolade in

If the significance of the third journal isn't clear enough, here's a newsflash: Pixabay is not a site full of free stocks that are legitimate.
If you've used personal stock images and you'd like me to see the extent of your technical skill more easily, I encourage you to upload them to your Stash and send me a note with the links.
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunIf you want to use PNGs, go ahead, but take note that I will only see them as legitimate if the stock owner explicitly states that the PNG stock photo is from his/her own photos.
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunPremade backgrounds? I'll only see them as legitimate if
            1. the stock owner explicitly states that they are made from his/her photos, and/or
            2. the stock owner follows the rules of the stock providers involved, and credited them accordingly.
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunTo make things more fair, no stocks from paid sites such as shutterstock, dreamstime, etc. are allowed.

AnchorWaves : Divider by CrookedAntlers

How to enter

[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunSimply comment below or send a note with the link to me.
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunInclude in your entry's description box the link/thumb to this journal.
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunA maximum of one entry per participant.

AnchorWaves : Divider by CrookedAntlers


Start: 18 October 2016
End: 18 November 2016
(dA time for both dates.)
Deadline will be extended if there are less than 5 entries, or if 2 deviants request for an extension.
If there are still less than 5 entries after the extension, then the challenge will be cancelled.
Any entries submitted before 18 October and after 18 November will be rejected without notice.

AnchorWaves : Divider by CrookedAntlers


Seeing as how this is a challenge and not a contest, it's mostly for fun, but I'd like to pick one that I like most to spice things up a bit.

To have a chance to win, simply:
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunFollow all the rules. I'll only check when I've picked one I like, and if that artist didn't follow the rules, his/her chance to win is immediately down to zero, and I'll pick the next best. I won't check before the judging process, so it's down to you to take that responsibility to check your sources, as it's suppose to be in the first place.

AnchorWaves : Divider by CrookedAntlers


The one winner will receive:
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbun300Points from me
[i]: sprout pixel by blushbunPremium stock from Wesley-Souza 

All participants will be featured, to thank you guys in taking part in this challenge. :D

If you'd like to contribute to the prizes, feel free to comment below or note me. Remember, no prize is too small. Nod Prize contributors may also take part in this challenge.

Have fun!


Shirokibo has started a donation pool!
0 / 2,000
If you'd like to donate, I heartily accept any amount. :D
The points will be used for premium stocks, future contests, and commissions. Thank you so much for your support!

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Feeling super happy because the number of favourites for
He Who Catches Dreams (remake) has exceeded my highest record (it was 148 faves, for Soul Reaper)! La la la la THANK YOU!

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